The Show

An unprecedented spectacle that will take us on a journey in a utopic world full of amazing, stunning and extraordinary emotions!

In him, a simple man, through a dream, begins to live in a turbulent world governed by a strange sorcerer, facing obstacles and difficulties to prove his love to a beautiful princess. For this dream to become reality, you will need to believe in this new world, regaining your true identity of strength and power, thus releasing all the beings dominated by Reverie bringing freedom, hope and finally conquering your great love.

"Reverie" is an amazing spectacle where the imaginary becomes reality proving that everything is possible, just believe.

A true perceptual and mind-boggling experience from start to finish.


General Production

Jeferson Alexandre

Producer of La Force Productions Ltda and JNS Agency Ltda, for 10 more years produced shows at Venetian Casino (Macau), Sheraton Walkerhill (Seoul), Galaxy Casino (Macao) among others.

Marlene Querubin

President of UBCI - The Brazilian Circus of Traveling Circus, of Spacial Entertainment, representative of Circo in the Parliamentary Front in defense of the circus spectacle, CEO of "Circo Spacial", judge of various festivals and TV programs.


Mathieu Laplante

Art Production

Born in Canada, founder of Showtime Solution, he trained and competed as a gymnast nationally and internationally. His undeniable talent led him to the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil, where he performed for 10 years at "O" at Bellagio Las Vegas and "Saltimbanco" Worldwide, and participated in the creations of Mystère and Alegria. Throughout his career on stage amidst over 4,000 performances, he worked with artists such as Michael Jackson, Peter Gabriel, Janet Jackson and served for the Queen of England at the Royal Variety Show in London. He also participated in the founding of some entertainment companies where he worked as event designer and director at companies such as Volkswagen, Grupo Estratégico, Planet Event, Reebok, Cascade, Wallis Foundation and Paris Hotel & Casino. In 2010, at age 26, she produced and directed Cirque Risquè, Cirque Polynesia and Cirque Ultra Lounge at the Resort Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City.

Vincent Schonbrodt

Technical Production

She began her career as an artist at Cirque du Soleil's "O" show in Las Vegas. His story includes works such as construction and development of acrobatic apparatus on the "KA" show of Cirque du Soleil and "Corteo", as a production technician on "Han" by director Frank Dragone, as well as acting in the production of "Circus 1903" "Le Noir" and "Circus Adrenaline". He created his own company of technical assembly in Rio de Janeiro, where he participated in the artistic elaboration of the Olímpiada Rio'2016.


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